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Flivverrally Rules.pdf


* Vehicles will be limited to a fair market value of no more than $500.
Q: NADA? Blue Book? Wholesale?
A: In the coming months we’ll be really nailing this down to one guide, and one price. If it’s a 20 year old VW Golf, you’re in good shape. The top of this range may start to see some 1995 base Dodge Neons, but we’ll see...
Q: What if I bought the car for $4500? A used rally car is worth a lot more then $500.
A: The car itself, the year make and model, must not be worth more then $500 in the book.
Q: What can I spend on parts, prep, labor, and equipment?
A: Whatever you like!

* Teams will consist of at least four members. There is no limit on non-driving crew members.
Q: Can we have a team of 7 with 3 backup drivers?
A: No. Four to a team.

* Each member of the team must drive and co-drive at least one leg. The rally will be divided into four legs which may not be totally equal.
Q: How would this work?
A: The four of you will need to drive and co-drive during one leg of the rally. If person ONE starts the first leg in the drivers seat, they cannot drive any of the remaining three legs. If person TWO starts the first leg in the co-driver seat, they cannot co-drive any of the remaining three legs. Which leg and who you co-drive with is completely up to you as long as all four of you drive and co-drive one leg.
Q: How will the legs be divided?
A: Usually during a service stop, but sometimes switching driver and co-driver will happen during a turnaround stage. This will be setup on an event by event basis.

* At the end of the rally, the organizers may elect to purchase the vehicle's engine from its owner(s) for $200.
Q: Why would you do that to us?
A: This rule acomplishes several goals. We don't want you to have to spend all kinds of money to be competitive. We don't want the whole car and we can't crush it. We want to see your team back out there with a new-as-used motor should we take yours. It's an easy way to police the class and keep things fair. It forces you to be a better driver and makes you stop thinking about the 7 wheel horse power that those $500 cams could get you. It allows you to build a reliable chassis with good underbody protection that you will finish rallies with - no matter what motor you have in there.
Q: What if the motor right now is worth more then $200?
A: You might want to put your E30 M3 S14 aside and throw in a junkyard motor that your three other friends will soon destroy.
Q: What if I get a free junkyard motor, and put 50 hours of head work and new cams in it?
A: Just expect us to buy it from you for $200 at the end of the rally and pretend not to be upset about it. Don't put more then $200 or $200 worth of effort into your engine.
Q: What if we decline your offer.
A: Flivverrally angry... Flivverrally SMASH!
Q: You’re totally serious about this?
A: Yep.

* Vehicles must only be 2WD.
Front wheel drive. Rear wheel drive. Period.

* Vehicles must be naturally aspirated and have no more than 4 cylinders.
One, two, three, four. No turbo, no supercharger, and sorry, no electric supercharger.

* Vehicles must be mass-produced, four-wheeled cars or trucks legal for US highway use at the time of their manufacture.
Q: Rallyfighter?
A: No... Mass produced, not produced by masses.
Q: What if I take the VIN off a Beetle and weld it onto a tube frame chassis with a fiberglass shell?
A: Could you have walked into a dealership at one point in the past and purchased this car? No? Then the answer is no.

* Suspension is free as long as the stock mounting location and type is maintained.
Q: Camber plates?
A: Fine.
Q: Converting a rear beam into independent rear struts?
A: Not fine.

* Vehicles and competitor safety gear must meet the requirements of the organization sanctioning the rally.
Q: Where do I start?
A: Buy a currently logbooked used rally car. Get a three layer Nomex racing suit. A SNELL 2000+ automobile helmet with HANS.
Q: What if I want to build a car?
A: Contact a flivverrally ombudsman:

* Competitors must meet all the licensing requirements of the organization
sanctioning the rally.

Q: Do I have to buy a license?
A: If you want to drive in a performance stage rally you do.

FLIVVERRALLY and its text, concepts, and moving parts are copyright © Erik Christiansen and Kristopher Marciniak 2010