Flivverrally is damn good fun!
When we rally, we have a great time with our friends and we want you to experience the same. We came up with this crazy idea to get more people involved in our sport. Does it sound a little like LeMons? Yep. Is it like a Grassroots Motorsports $2000 challenge? Sure. We wanted to take the checkbook wrench out of rally. Now you have a team effort that is splitting the costs and getting creative. We want you to focus on driving and we want to see some amazing feats in a $500 car with a junkyard motor. Eläköön Flivverrally!

How other countries would say this:

Flivverrally on kaikkein hauskaa voi olla ralliautolla!
Se luokka rakennettu moderni vaihe ralleihin että korostetaan uudelleen ajo, tiimityö ja hauskaa. Neljä kuljettajat vuorottelevat ajo tapahtuman aikana. Kaikki neljä ovat myös mukana ajaa tapahtuman aikana. Kaikki neljä saat viettää aikaa Huoltoalueella huolta oman 500 dollaria auton, ja kaikki neljä saavat kokea maistaa ralli.

Flivverrally är väldigt roligt!
Det är en klass byggd för modern etapp rallyn som lägger tonvikten tillbaka på körning, lagarbete och ha roligt. Fyra förare kommer turas om att köra under evenemanget. Alla fyra kommer också att samarbeta köra under evenemanget. Alla fyra av er kommer att få spendera tid i tjänsten parken oroa din $ 500 bilar, och alla fyra kommer att få uppleva en smak av rally.

Flivverrally jest świetna zabawa!
Jest to klasa z myślą o współczesnej rajdy etapie, który kładzie nacisk na prawo jazdy z powrotem, praca zespołowa i dobra zabawa. Cztery kierowcy będą na zmianę jazdy podczas imprezy. Wszystkie cztery będą co-drive w trakcie imprezy. Wszystkie cztery dostaniecie spędzać czas w parku serwisowym martwiąc się o swoje 500 dolarów samochód, a wszystkich czterech będzie dostać się do doświadczenia smak rajdu.

Flivverrally je tak mnohem zábavnější v ruštině automobilu!
Je to třída postavený na moderní etapy rally, který klade důraz na řízení zpět, týmovou práci a baví se. Čtyři řidiči se budou střídat jízdu v průběhu akce. Všichni čtyři budou také co-disk v průběhu akce. Všechny čtyři z vás bude trávit čas do servisního parku obav o svůj vůz 500 dolarů, a všechny čtyři dostane zažít chuť rally.

moyens Flivverrally ne jamais abandonner!
C'est une classe intégrée pour les rallyes en scène moderne qui met l'accent sur la conduite de retour, le travail d'équipe et de s'amuser. Quatre pilotes se relaieront conduire pendant la manifestation. Tous les quatre seront également co-pilote lors de l'événement. Tous les quatre, vous aurez à passer du temps dans le parc d'assistance se soucier de votre voiture 500 $, et les quatre pourront faire l'expérience un goût de rallye.

Flivverrally è buono per l'anima!
Si tratta di una classe costruita per i rally fase moderna che mette l'accento sulla schiena di guida, lavoro di gruppo e divertirsi. Quattro piloti si alterneranno alla guida nel corso della manifestazione. Tutti e quattro saranno anche co-pilota durante l'evento. Tutti e quattro si arriva a spendere il tempo nel parco assistenza preoccuparsi per la vostra auto 500 dollari, e tutti e quattro si arriva a sperimentare un assaggio di rally.

What is a flivverrally?
It's a class built for modern stage rallies that puts the emphasis back on driving, teamwork and having fun. Four drivers will take turns driving during the event. All four will also co-drive during the event. All four of you will get to spend time in the service park worrying about your $500 car as it gets driven by your teammates, and all four will get to experience a taste of rally. Success will depend on your team and not your checkbook. Cars are limited to 2WD 4 bangers with a $500 blue book value. Engines can be claimed by the flivverrally officiants for $200. Awards will be given to those who drive their flivverrallycar to the event.

Isn't rally expensive?
As a car person you probably already have some of the equipment, you can rent stuff, borrow stuff, and if you know a guy with a Flivverrallycar you're about $300 away from racing. No car? A very healthy flivverrally budget for your first event would be around $2000 a person if you split all the costs. That should include: used rally car, 2 sets of safety gear, rally entry fee, 4 used rally tires, and a 4 man tent. What do you mean you want your own racing suit?! A used rally car of this caliber can be picked up for around $4000. Subsequent events will be much cheaper as you now own your equipment and flivver. You could build a flivver from scratch, but that usually runs around $8000 and takes a lot of effort for your first event.

Yes, there are some rules. flivverrally_rules.pdf
Flivverrally is not a rally event, it's a class like 'G2' or 'Production'. You will be driving in a real stage rally with 30 or so other rally cars. You will be competing in the 'flivverrally class' against other flivverrally teams. Feel free to compare times and totally bullshit with other rally drivers, but you will only be scored against other flivverrally teams. You'll need to follow the rules for flivverrally just like you would a regional or national class. Flivverrally rules will be enforced by us - the flivverrally officiants. We currently have 10 rules and can't possibly stand any more. Here is the current flivverrally rule Q&A page.

More complications...
Your car must actually be safe. Your flivver must meet the safety requirements of the sanctioning body overseeing the rally. This makes buying a used (currently logbooked) rally car - a clear choice. All four of you will need to be licensed by the sanctioning body and you must adhere to their rules.

Which rallies?
As of this writing we are in a total test phase. You are our lucky experiment participants! The first Flivverrally event will be the High Desert Trails Rally in Ridgecrest, California on April 9th, 2011 and expect flivverrally at future events if there is interest. Will there be national championships, TV coverage, and hot rally girls in our future? Probably not...

How do I get started?
Step one is to contact us! Don't run out and outbid a bunch of rally cars on eBay without doing a little homework. Don't show up at an event with a bolt-in roll cage and some wild rally girls. Email us and let us know you are interested in flivverrally. We will help you get started! Flivverrally ombudsman know all the different sanctioning body rules and will help you keep your budget to an absolute minimum.

Contact flivverrally at:

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